Nautic Clean Coatinium wax cleaner 06

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Designed for frequent washing of boats, Coatinium® Nautic Shampoo does not affect gelcoat or paint; on the contrary, it protects and revives them. Another advantage is that it can be used to clean and protect all media such as stainless steel, glass, wood, plastic, plexiglass or tarpaulins. The Nautic-clean 06 is a multipurpose product, extremely effective and easy to use. The Nautic Clean 06, used by many yacht crews, has a new formulation which has the advantage of depositing a protective nanofilm against water, which repels dirt, sea spray and algae. Its nanohydrophobic effect permanently removes a maximum of water through the "lotus" effect when rinsing. The deposited nanofilm accentuates and revives the colors, creating a deep and unparalleled shine effect, even on dull paintings. Due to its neutral pH and its components of plant origin, it respects health and the environment. Its competitive price makes it the ideal product for a successful maintenance of your boat. USE: Dilute 40ml of Nautic Clean 06 nano-wax for a 10 liter bucket, clean your surfaces with a brush, and rinse with clear water. Dry with a chamois or a squeegee. CAUTION: We recommend handling the product with care. Wearing appropriate protective equipment is required.

Teak Wonder - Maintenance of your teak

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The teak wonder brand is a benchmark in the maintenance of your teak. It offers a full range of cleaning products and protective oil. Teak wonder cleaner, teak wonder brightner, and teak wonder oil are the flagship products of the brand.